TreasureIsland – Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend 1

Studio Name:
Director: Max Sohl, Paul Morris
Stars: Jonathan Blue, Dawson, Andrew Peters, Antonio Montez, Axel Brent, Matt Walker, George Glass, Paul French, Frank Avalon, John Lincoln, Marco, Kevin, Top 100Percent, Nick, Hank, Cumdumper, Brighton, Cory Brandon

Description: Dawson, the ultimate insatiable slut-bottom, decides to break all records of spooge taken up his perfect ass in this filthy XXX download. In part one of what is destined to be the most controversial porn vid of all time, Dawson demonstrates his no-limits cumhunger. “You won’t believe your eyes!” But if you don’t watch this video now, you’ll definitely regret it! So much cum … simply unbelievable!


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